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Alternative Procedure for Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar fasciitis is by far the most common problem that we see. The vast majority of patients respond to a combination of traditional treatments including prescription orthotics, appropriate shoes and Cortisone injections, etc. 


However when all the traditional treatments just don’t resolve the problem we have to consider surgery and procedures. One procedure is a plantar fascia release. Another procedure is the gastrocnemius recession or gastroc recession. Yet another option is to do a very limited planner fascia release and combine this with surgical decompression of the calcaneus or heel bone where the plantar fascia attaches. This involves a very small incision or in some cases virtually no incision, and then taking a pin or K wire and decompressing or inserting the K wire through the outer wall of the heel bone in several locations both on the inside and outside.


This is referred to decompression. In reality it seems to help along with the other treatments to cause very limited microtrauma and allow for the body's natural healing capacity to engage. This does cause some limited internal bruising and or bleeding and the body responds to this by initiating the inflammatory and healing processes. This procedure works especially well when combined with the gastrocnemius recession if appropriate. This procedure also works very well and followed up with shockwave therapy treatments.


If you have chronic heel pain or have questions about these treatments and treatment options please make an appointment or give us a call at 425-880-9552. This is Dr. Timothy Young at the Washington Heel Pain Center.

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