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Best Longterm Treatment for Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis

About 60% of American adults will experience some form of heel pain. Heel pain can be extremely debilitating and challenging to get rid of. At the Washington Heel Pain Center we specialize in treating the most stubborn cases of heel pain utilizing the latest technology. We have great success even with patients that have failed treatments and other clinics. One of the best tools we have found for long-term success is dry needling. There is a lot of different types of dry needling -- the dry needling we utilize can only be performed by a physician and not a physical therapist.

The procedure itself takes approximately 15-20 minutes and has about a 92% success rate. Most patients are able to bear weight immediately after and are advised to refrain from heavy activities for approximately 3 weeks. We have been utilizing this dry needle technique for more than 10 years and have performed on hundreds of patients. If you have continued to struggle with heel pain or pain when he get out of bed in the morning you may be a candidate for dry needling.

If you are experiencing any foot or heel pain, do not hesitate to call us at 425-880-9552 or contact us online.

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