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Burning and Tingling of the Heel

A lot of patients experience burning and tingling of the heel that is often worse with walking or pressure. Patients often experience a lot of pain in the morning or after getting out of bed. The burning and tingling of the heel is often caused by a nerve. This nerve can have increased pressure from swelling of the plantar fascia and can be quite debilitating.

Some people call this medial calcaneal nerve or Baxter’s nerve or it could be referred to as Baxter’s neuritis. It is important to differentiate this from plantar fasciitis as the two are treated differently. Ultrasound examination of the fascia or the location of the nerve itself be beneficial.

At the Washington Heel Pain Center we have on site ultrasound that can help differentiate the two different diagnoses. It is very beneficial to inject the nerve to differentiate fasciitis from an entrapped nerve. If you live in Seattle, Bellevue, Redman, Kirkland, Issaquah or Maple Valley come see the heel pain specialists or vist us online.

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