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Prescription Orthotics For Backpain

Prescription orthotics are often prescribed for lower back pain. The idea is that the biomechanical chain including the foot and ankle have an upstream effect on the lower back. There is some great clinical data supporting the use of prescription orthotics for people with chronic lower back pain. However, it appropriate to mention this is not an over-the-counter insert but of prescription orthotics that actually can control the mechanical abnormalities of the lower extremity.

The majority of people will experience some relief and lower back pains. However this can take weeks for maximum effect. It is important to have a complete lower extremity mechanical exam done at the same time to check for any abnormal joint movement or tight muscle groups. We recommended a complete gait analysis in addition to this. We perform both of these at the time of casting for prescription orthotic. To get relief from lower back pain prescription orthotics can be extremely helpful.

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