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Rethinking Treatment Options for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis continues to plague millions of Americans. The literature now reports that 1 in 6 Americans will suffer from plantar fasciitis at some point in their life. Many patients attempt to treat plantar fasciitis at home and take months or years before seeking professional treatment. After more than 20 years of treating plantar fasciitis we continue to evolve our treatment protocols to incorporate the most advanced options available supported by the medical research community.

Many physicians continue to treat plantar fasciitis with the same set of tools for 20 years, often not distinguishing between acute and chronic lateral fasciitis. It is also important to differentiate the different areas of heel pain and the components that contributed to the different types of pain. One of the most successful treatments that we’ve found for chronic plantar fasciitis is platelet rich plasma therapy. We typically do three platelet rich plasma injections spaced one month apart and see a success rate approaching 95%. It is important to see somebody who specializes in heel pain to get a proper workup and rule out other contributing factors. Give us a call at 425-880-9552 or make an appointment online today.

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