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Stop Your Plantar Fasciitis Now

Thickened plantar fascia


Plantar fasciitis, or heel pain, can be one of the most debilitating pathologies to deal with. Often times before meals patients experience an extreme amount of pain in the morning or after walking or prolonged periods of rest. Patients can be extremely frustrated with their condition and may have tried a myriad of treatments and continue to have pain.

Some of the initial therapies include stretching and icing and can be highly beneficial and provide short-term relief. It is extremely important to have your heel pain evaluated by a physician. Not just any physician but someone that specializes in heel pain. At the Washington Heel Pain Center all of our patients are here to be treated for heel pain specifically. We can offer many treatments that other Dr. offices do not have. We specialize in second opinions as well as nonsurgical relief.

If you are experiencing heel pain, do not hesistate to call us at 425-880-9552.

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