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The Importance of a Second Opinion

Washington Heel Pain Center

I think it is important to discuss second opinions for heel pain. At our clinic we typically see a lot of second opinions for heel pain. I believe this is for a couple reasons.

1. I think a lot of practitioners just say heel pain is plantar fasciitis, while this is true 90% of the time, it can be other pathologies as well.

2. I see a lot of patients with heel pain that have not had an x-ray and x-rays can be very beneficial in confirming a diagnosis.

3. Neurological issues are often over looked and this can be a significant source of heel pain.

4. Lastly, multiple pathologies can exist at the same time and all need to be worked up.

Regardless of the reason for heel pain, it is important to uncover the cause and fix it. I tell my patients that second opinions can be valuable as we don’t have all the answers and a second set of eyes can be helpful. I encourage you if you have heel pain and have tried multiple treatment options and continue to have pain seek a second opinion. Plantar fasciitis is very treatable and more than a could months of pain with treatment needs to be resolved.

If you are experiencing heel pain, give us a call at 425-880-9552 or make an appointment online to see a specialist today. Myself (Dr. Brandon Nelson) or my partner, Dr. Timothy Young, would be happy to see you.

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