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The Number One Cause of Heel Pain and How to Fix It

Plantar fasciitis remains the number one cause of heel pain. There can be different forms of plantar fasciitis and a wide variety of symptoms. We often see patients with pain in the arch, back of the heel, bottom of the heel or even the sides of the heel. The plantar fascia is a complex structure that runs the entire length of the foot and attaches in multiple spots to the foot. This is why sites can vary as well as symptoms. Symptoms can present from burning, a bruised sensation, to sharp and or even a dull ache.

Patients can experience pain in the morning, after getting up from a seated position or at the end of the day. Treatment options can vary from stretching and icing to anti-inflammatories. We recommend an evaluation with an expert, like the Washington Heel Pain Center, as the treatment can be different for the different types of fasciitis. The quickest way to get over plantar fasciitis is having a foot and ankle physician evaluate the cause and help develop a treatment plan.

It is important for a physician to recognize the different types as they are not all treated the same. At the Washington Heel Pain Center our approach to plantar fasciitis combines years of experience, thousands of patients and the latest medical literature results to provide the best possible outcome. We can cure even the most stubborn cause of heel pain for patients. Make an appointment online or give us a call at 425-880-9552.

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