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What is Plantar Fasciitis?


One of the first indicators that you may possibly have Plantar Fasciitis is morning Heel Pain.  Plantar fasciitis is by far the most common cause of heel pain and the most common problem that we see at our clinic.  There are other potential causes of heel pain.  Some include: very thin fat pad and lack of cushioning, heel spurs, stress fractures, gout, arthritis and other potential causes.  


Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis can easily be classified.  The classic finding is pain first thing in the morning or after sitting.  After walking around, the heel can warm up and the pain may improve.  By the end of the day the pain can start coming back as a nagging ache.  The pain can be so severe that someone might limp first thing in the morning. 


Plantar Fasciitis involves inflammation of the plantar fascia.  Typically this is at the attachment site at  the heel bone or calcaneus.  This can also occur in the mid arch. When it occurs in the mid arch it can also be similar to a condition called Plantar Fibroma.  Both conditions involving edema and inflammation of the Plantar Fascia.  The heel bone at the attachment of the site of the Plantar fascia can respond to the traction and inflammation over time and form a spur that gets larger over time. 


The inflammation of the fascia is where the pain comes in. This problem may have been caused by many things.  Some of these causes include; overuse, a lack of proper support in foot wear, a rock or stone, change in exercise routine, going barefoot for prolonged amounts of time and wearing flip-flops with very little support.  


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