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New treatment option for stubborn plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common problems that we see at our clinic. We have developed very effective treatment protocols to resolve this problem.

The majority of our patients respond very quickly to our "core" treatments, including prescription orthotics, night splints, and daytime brace–Bledsoe brace, and an excellent home program including icing, massage, supportive shoes, avoiding going barefoot at home and stretching of the calf complex. For more severe cases, we often do an ultrasound-guided cortisone injection.

However, for those patients that don't have resolution of their heel pain after these "core treatments," we have some new options. We have been using dry needling, platelet-rich plasma, and most recently we have a new shockwave therapy system (ECSW).

Now we also can offer AmnioFix ultrasound-guided injections with stem cells. This product utilizes a micronized amniotic membrane. This membrane contains growth factors and stem cells which can greatly accelerated the healing capacities of tissues damaged by plantar fasciitis. This can be used in other locations in the foot and ankle (other parts the body). There are great advantages with these types of treatment; for example there is no surgical downtime or open wound to heal or sutures to remove.

The AmnioFix is a product that is donated from healthy mothers who had had C-sections. The mothers and newly born babies are healthy and are not affected by the donation of this tissue. The donated tissue then undergoes a purifying and cleansing process. Sterile saline is added at our clinic to turn the dehydrated powder into an injectable solution with tremendous healing capacity. The goal of AmnioFix is to enhance the healing of damaged tissue and inflamed tissue, and it also can help reduce scar tissue formation. There is no documented or known "rejection" of this tissue.

In fact, this same tissue has been used to help speed and enhance wound healing in well over 100,000 cases. The treatment is available now at our clinic. The ultrasound-guided injection itself is covered by insurance. However, the product itself is not covered is paid for privately and directly by our patients.