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Bone Spurs in Your Achilles Tendon or AICT

AICT stands for Achilles Insertional Calcific Tendonosis or bone spurs at the attachment of your Achilles. This can be a very painful condition for patients. This is different from traditional or watershed region Achilles tendonitis which is swelling and pain in the Achilles tendon itself just above the ankle. Traditional Achilles tendonitis can lead to rupture or tearing of the Achilles and AICT does not usually have this long term complication. AICT presents with pain at the attachment of the Achilles or pain after sitting or sleeping. Patients often experience swelling at the insertion or a catching sensation or widening of the heel bone. The widening of the heel pain is associated with enlargement of the bone spurs.

There are some great techniques that can help alleviate this pain even non surgically. Our clinic offers shock wave therapy or EPAT this is an FDA approved technology for this insertional tendonitis and we are one of the only clinics in the Northwest that has this available. We have found Platelet rich plasma injections to be beneficial as well. It can typically take two to three injections and we have found many athletes to have a great success with this process. Lastly, for patients that do require the spurs to be removed with have a technique that minimizes down time or the time required to be non-weight bearing. Traditional surgery can be non-weight bearing for up to 8 weeks. With our advance technique some patients are walking immediately and some may require only 3 weeks of non-weight bearing. Summer is around the corner -- don’t let Achilles pain stop you from enjoying this time of year in the Northwest!

If you are experiencing any heel pain, do not hesitate to call us at 425-880-9552 or contact us online.

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