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Nerve Entrapments as a Source of Heel Pain

Heel pain has many causes but a frequently overlooked cause can be a nerve entrapment. Heel pain can be debilitating and make exercising and activities almost impossible. Pain that is described as burning or tingling is usually associated with a nerve entrapment and not necessarily plantar fasciitis. It is possible to have both pathologies existing at the same time.

Often times a diagnostic injection is of value to separate the two pathologies. Nerve entrapments can occur around the ankle or the bottom of the foot. If you suffer from heel pain that will not go away I recommend you be evaluated by our clinic as we specialize in heel pain. It can be difficult to identify these causes if you are not seeing a practitioner that specializes in heel pain. The Washington Heel Pain Center can provide the cause of heel pain and how to fix it. If you are experiencing heel pain that will not go away make an appointment or give us a call at 425-880-9552 today so we can resolve your pain.

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